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Hotel Filigree Mussoorie

Also known as the Masonic Lodge or Picture Palace, the Hotel Filigree is located at the Camel’s Back Road of Kulri in Mussoorie. This 2...

Hotel Hard Rock

Idyllically perched on a hillock in Mussoorie, the Hotel Hard Rock is a newly constructed hotel. Exquisite decor, elegant furnishings, flawless hospitality and world class amenities...

Days Inn Mussoorie

Located at an altitude of 2005 meters above sea level, the Hotel Days Inn is an ideal place not only for the tourist who want...

Honeymoon Inn Mussoorie

Hotel Honeymoon Inn is a hotel that beckons chiefly the honeymooners to come and enjoy the beauty of Mussoorie as they take the first steps...

Shiva Continental Mussoorie

Shiva Continental, a picturesque hotel located in Mussoorie and a hot spot of tourist activity is a well known 4 star hotel that is known to...

Highness Heights Mussoorie

Built on an area of 9024 sq. meters, the Hotel Highness Heights is one of the easily accessible hotels of Mussoorie. Scenic surroundings and panoramic views...

Jharipani Castle Resort Mussoorie

Known as Jharipani castle resort for its proximity to the Jharipani waterfalls, this resort strategically located on an easily accessible hilltop about 7 kms before...

Hotel Emerald Heights

Located in the hills of Mussoorie and providing a spectacular view of the nearby forests and the Himalayan range is the Hotel Emerald Heights –...

Hotel Brentwood Mussoorie

Located towards the end of the Mall, Hotel Brentwood is known for the charming and friendly atmosphere it exudes. Despite the secluded setting in an...

Hotel Ashoka Continental

Located in the heart of the city at the Mall, the Hotel Ashoka Continental is one of the finest economy hotels of Mussoorie. Known not...

Sterling Resort Mussoorie

Sterling Resort is one of the leading deluxe hotels of Mussoorie that is known for the serenity and tranquility its environment ooze. Situated just about...

Camp Spring Side Mussoorie

Located about 10 kms away from Mussoorie, the Camp Spring Side is situated amidst completely unspoilt nature. The one of its only kind of camp...

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